If you have H2H boys (H2H = Hard-to-Handle), you won’t want to miss this episode of MOB LIVE!

Listen NOW as Home with the Boys (Erin Mohring) and @Brooke McGlothlin share 10 action steps that can make a difference in your home RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, you can put them into practice and watch the shift start to happen!

Learn to fight FOR your sons instead of AGAINST them with our Fight Like a Boymom program! Registration is open NOW at www.fightlikeaboymom.com!

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>Would you like some practical tools that you can put into practice TODAY as you raise your H2H boy?

>Do you need a fresh perspective of motherhood?

>Do you feel like you are in a constant fight with your children?

>Would you like to learn how to step out of the war, and learn how to fight for your boys?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome,  Introduction and Prayer

{1:05 } Description of the Fight Like a Boy Mom program

{54:42} Brooke Intros the circumstances that led her to develop the 10 practical ways to handle H2H boys

{ 51:20} Brooke shares how God gave her a new perspective about her boys

{44:25} The MOST important first step that will give you the ability to fight for your boys

{35:12} The most important piece of christian parenting

{17:50} The importance of setting clear expectations and being spiritually and emotionally stronger than your children

{12:50} How to love your children harder than they fight you

{8:01} Keeping the heart of your child

{6:19} Finding the freedom to do things differently –  outside of the box

3:20. The one thing that  will guarantee that you will fail as a mom