Today Erin, Home with the Boys and Brooke McGlothlin chat with Slugs&Bugs’s Randall Goodgame about how music really does make everything better at Christmas!

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

Music has the power to bring families together in a special way.

Music lights up your brain!

Music creates a connection that is priceless for a Mom.

Check out these highlights:

Welcome. Introduction. Prayer

{4:00} What kind of music does Brooke and Erin listen to with their kids?

{11:00} Welcome Randal!

{15:00} How did Slugs & Bugs get started?

{24:00} Music makes EVERYTHING better!

  • Car rides
  • Cleaning
  • Before schooling
  • Stress release
  • Creates traditions and connections

{34:30} How is music a part of Christmas traditions?

{42:00} Live performance! Luke 1:68-70 ESV

{47:00} Closing and how to connect with Slugs&Bugs



How to connect with Slugs & Bugs {Don’t forget to use the code MOB to get 15% off your purchase}

New Music to listen try: Vulfpeck

Advent Pray the Word Journal:

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