Don’t let the urgent push out the important things. How do we balance the excitement and the stress that Christmas brings while not forgetting the true meaning?

Today Erin, Home with the Boys and Brooke McGlothlin give us some ideas to find that balance with five ways to keep Jesus the main character of our Christmas!

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

What do you get to and what do you have to do?

How can we be intentional about keeping Jesus at the center of this season?

Lots of resources for you to choose from to encourage your family this Christmas season!


Check out these highlights:

Welcome. Introduction. Prayer

{3:00} What can learn from Mary?

{6:00} Practical ways to keep Jesus in Christmas

{7:00} #1 – Refuse to stop talking about Jesus

{9:40} #2 – Make time for your own heart to reflect on this time of year

{17:30} #3 – Truth in the Tinsel

{22:50} #4 – Come Let Us Adore Him, Everyday TalkJesus Storybook Bible

{29:20} #5 – How can you serve and be a blessing to your community?


Truth in the Tinsel: #aff
Come Let Us Adore Him: #aff
Everyday Talk: #aff
Jesus Storybook Bible: #aff
The Story of God’s Live: #aff
Advent Pray the Word Journal:
The Giving Manger:

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