Bullying is at epidemic levels, and the ways that our children can be bullied are only increasing as their access to technology increases.

What is a Christian parent to do when their children is being bullied?

What if their child IS the bully?

Join Home with the Boys (Erin Mohring) and Brooke McGlothlin  to hear counselor, author, speaker, and co-creator of Raising Boys and Girls, David Thomas, lead us in this vital and timely conversation.

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Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>> You may need this message whether you have a child who is being  bullied or not!

>> Do you have a good definition of what bullying actually is?

>> Boys can often be aggressive! Have you wondered if there is a difference between being aggressive and being a bully?  

>>Have you questioned the affect the violent games and TV shows of our day may have on our children?

>>When is a good time to intervene when our child is being bullied?

>>Do you know the signs to look for to know whether or not your child is being bullied?

>>How can we partner with our children in order to  help themn  learn to deal with bullies?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome and prayer

{1:02:9}  Introduction of David Thomas

{58:27}  Brooke asks David, “What is a working definition of what bullying actually is?”

{54:45}  Brooke shares the difference between aggression and bullying.

{48:55}  Erin asks, “How have you seen bullying change over the years?”

{44:45}  Brooke asks,“How does the violence in games and TV shows actually affect our children?”

{38:01} Brooke asks , “What are some signs to look for to know if your child is being bullied?”

{35:43}  Brooke asks, “At what age is a child able to be a bully?”

{32:41}  Erin asks, “What are some signs to look for to know if your child actually IS the bully?

{27:10}  David talks about what can be behind bullying and when to intervene as a parent.

{21:00}  David shares about the importance of role playing with your children to help them learn how to deal with bullies and the importance of helping your child learn to find their voice

{18:23}  Brooke asks, “What are the steps a parent should take if their child is being bullied and how can we  represent Christ well?

{14:07} Erin asks,“How do you deal with bullying that takes place within the church or outside of school?”

{10:05} Erin asks,“How do your reach your child’s heart if they are a bully?”

{8:20} David talks about creating empathy building opportunities

{2:20} closing

You can find David Thomas at his blog: http://www.raisingboysandgirls.com

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