Do you struggle to find time in the Word now that you’re a mom?Do you find it challenging to lead your kids in learning God’s Word when you can’t seem to make time for it yourself?

Join Brooke McGlothlin and Erin Mohring (Home with the Boys) interview Katie Orr, Bible Teacher and Host of the upcoming Enjoy the Word Online Conference about how to practically and creatively find ways to be in the Word, and teach it to your children.

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Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>> Do you feel guilty because you have a hard time getting in the Word?

>> Did you know that it’s okay to get creative in how you spend  in the Word?

>> When you see all the ideas and resources out there for how to do Bible study, do you feel like you have to try them all?

>> There is no command in the Bible that tells us to have a “Quiet Time”!

>> How are you carrying the Bible with you through out the day?

>> How can we get the word into our kid’s hearts?

>> Should you make your kids do Bible study?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome and Introductions.

{51:20 } Introduction of Katie Orr

{47:00 } Explanation of Katie Orr’s ministry

(43:42 ) Brooke asks,”What are some of the expectations women have when it comes to spending time in the Word, and are they realistic?

{40:04 } Brooke shares some of the things Jesus modeled for spending time in the Word.

{38:31} Katie shares the one command that she always goes back to.

{35:00 } Katie shares the things she had to let go of.

{31:00} Brooke shares how she spent time in the Word with a newborn.

{27:40} Erin shares how she spent time in the Word when her boys were little.

{21:30} Brooke talks about how our kid’s developmental stages affect the way in which we teach them the Word.

{11:12} What is the most important part of Bible study that your kids can learn when they are young?

{9:54} Katie talks about the upcoming on-line Bible Conference called “Enjoy the Word”.

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