Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin wrote Hope for the Weary Mom several years ago. It was literally birthed in a closet during a hurricane…and we don’t just mean figuratively (although the “hurricane of motherhood” certainly contributed to the message!).

Since that time, we’ve matured, and our kids have matured. We’ve learned a lot of things about hope, one of which is that we always need it. Weariness comes and goes in cycles. Hope is something we can’t do without.

Listen as we partner with Erin Mohring (Home with the Boys) in sharing 10 Truths We’ve Learned About Hope. It should be an amazing reminder of the deep truths we all desperately need!

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Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>> There are a few things that have changed since “Hope for the Weary Mom” was written 6 years ago!

>> Listen as Brooke and Stacy share about the different kinds of weariness they have faced from season to season of parenting

>> Have you been thinking that Is it a bad thing to admit that you are weary?

>>Did you know that the Bible talks about being a weary mom?

>>Did you know that “hope” is a person?

>>Do you feel like you wish that God would get you out of your “mess”?

>>Did you know that God is using your mess, as you walk with Him through it, to encourage others?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome, Introductions, and Opening Prayer 

{1:19 } Brooke and Stacey talk about What  has changed since they wrote “Hope for the Weary Mom”.

{1:14:35 } Brooke talks about how weariness is “cyclical”.

{1:13:30 } Erin explains why it’s important to call weariness what it is.

{1:09:21 } Stacy explains why she didn’t want to be known as the “weary mom” in the beginning

{ 1:06:40} Erin introduces the 10 truths

{1:06:06} Truth 1: Hope is a person

{1:12:12} Truth 2:  Hope meets us in the mess

{51:23}  Truth 3: Hope is a choice

{46:19}  Truth 4: Hope is sometimes unseen

{43:35}  Truth 5: Hope is contagious

{36:30}  Truth 6: Hope heals

{33:00} Truth 7: Hope abounds

{31:07} Truth 8: Hope endures

{23:17} Truth 9: Hope is bigger than my need


{16:56} Truth 10: Hope can start now