Erin Chase from $5 Dinners shares tips and tricks to make our Thanksgiving more sane!

Erin is mom to four boys and is the Instant Pot QUEEN and creator of the FreezEasy and Electric Pressure Cooking 101 e-course.

Interested in learning how to use your Instant Pot? Getting one for Christmas and afraid you’ll blow up the kitchen? Erin has you covered! Learn more about her Electric Pressure Cooking class.

Biggest Takeaways:

“With four boys, our kitchen is like Grand Central Station. I needed something to make my cooking life easier.”

Don’t Miss This:

Brooke and Erin start off talking about when they decorate for Christmas and praying over our Thanksgiving celebrations this week.

With 31 minutes left, they welcome Erin Chase.

With 26:30 left, Erin says she cooks every day and loves it. Her pressure cooker makes it easier!

With 24 minutes left, Brooke asks Erin for tips specifically to make Thanksgiving meal planning easier.

With 21:25 left, Erin shares what we could be making in our instant pots for Thanksgiving.

With 15 minutes left, Erin shares what her goal is for those taking her electric pressure cooking 101 course.

With 12:30 left, Erin tells us some of the best recipes she shares in her course.

With 7:30 left, Erin shares how the InstantPot could transform our Thanksgiving.

With 4:10 left, they discuss Erin’s freezer meal plan, MyFreezEasy, and the modifications that need to be made when going from freezer meal to Instant Pot.

Happy Thanksgiving!