Unsure how to slow down and enjoy the people God has placed in your circle? Do you desire connection within your community and think, “Absolutely! But I don’t have time for that…”

What if there was another way through it all? A way to find moments and create a time for honest, comfortable connection?

Join Erin and Brooke as they interview Austin, Texas’ own Kristin Schell – The Turquoise Table on episode #25 of the MOB LIVE! Show! We’re going to talk about how to take big Texas hospitality and scale it down to something meaningful and possible for everyone!

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>> If you love the idea of creating community and showing hospitality, this episode is for you!

>> Do you find that you are you going “wide”, but not very “deep”?

>> What is the difference between hospitality and entertainment?

>> Sometimes the thought of showing hospitality can be overwhelming, can’t it?

>> What does it mean to practice being present?

>> What would happen if we became “front yard” people?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome and Introductions.

{36:04} Introduction of Kristin Schell

{32:38} Erin asks, “When and how did you fall in love with the idea of hospitality and building community?”

(29:43) Kristin shares what the difference is between hospitality and entertainment.

{27:04} Brooke asks, “How did God give you the idea of the Turquoise Table?”

{21:18} Kristin shares how the turquoise table changed her life.

{17:54} Brooke shares about how God used the turquoise table in her life.

{12:20} Erin shares about how she is planning to implement the turquoise table into her life.

{12:11} Kristin shares some advice about how to start using a turquoise table in your neighborhood.

{7:37} Brooke asks what we can do to move ourselves in the direction of getting this started where we live.

{3:33} Brooke gives a challenge.

Links Mentioned:

Kristins book – #aff:

Kristins website

Kristin on instagram –  Kristinkschell