There are literally thousands of you signed up for the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge starting October 1!
In case you’ve been wondering, here’s how it will work:

How To Participate in the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge

September 26, 29, and 30 – Days of Preparation

It’s important that we go into the challenge with our hearts right before the Lord. These three posts will cover the first three chapters of Praying for Boys. Read along in the following chapters, and come back here each day prepared to discuss what the Lord is teaching you:

September 26 Boys are a Battle Zone

September 29th What is Prayer and Why Should We Do It?

September 30th Going It Alone

October 1-30 – 21 Days of Prayer for Sons

Yes, we know there are more than 21 days in October 😉 The challenge will begin on Wednesday the 1st and go every weekday through October 29th. On October 30th, we’ll host a link up for bloggers who would like to write about their experience in the challenge and share it with others.

Please read the chapter with the same title the evening before (for example, read Heart Change on September 30th and be prepared to talk about it on this site on the 1st).

The Schedule

October 1 – Heart Change

October 2 – Obedience

October 3 – Overcoming Fears

October 6 – Integrity

October 7 – Wisdom

October 8 – Pride

October 9 – Honor

October 10 – Purity

October 13 – A Servant’s Heart

October 14 – Fruit of the Spirit: Love

October 15 – Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

October 16 – Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

October 17 – Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

October 20 – Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

October 21 – Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

October 22 – Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

October 23 – Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

October 24 – Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control

October 27 – Anger

October 28 – Forgiveness

October 29 – Salvation

October 30 – Link-up

The Posts

Each day of the challenge, a member of our reader community will post their thoughts on the chapter, share a bit about how the topic of prayer has affected and/or changed their lives, and ask discussion questions designed to help you process your thoughts on each chapter. Please come to the site each day ready to chat with us!

The Prayers

At the end of each prayer chapter in Praying for Boys, there are ten prayers for that topic crafted from scripture. After reading the chapter the night before, visiting the MOB Society blog for thoughts and discussion with the community the day of, spend time throughout each day praying those ten prayers for your son.

This is the meat of the challenge. Reading the book and participating in the challenge is great! But decide now how you’ll incorporate actual prayer time for your sons into the next 21 days.

Here are some great ways to make it work.

Pick one, or come up with your own. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re praying!

1. Pray all ten prayers during your personal prayer time before your boys get up in the morning.

2. Set your alarm to pray one prayer each hour between 7AM and 5PM.

3. Pray the prayers with your family right after dinner.

4. Pray the prayers with your son(s) as a special nighttime/bedtime routine.

Bonus: If you’re feeling really adventurous, highlight the prayers that seem to speak to you, or that cover an area your son is struggling with as you move through the chapters. At the end, string them all together in one big, long personalized prayer for your son!

Any questions? Feel free to ask! And if you’re not signed up yet, simply subscribe to the MOB Society blog now. That way, the posts will come straight to your inbox all month long!