God is love. I John 4:8

I rocked back and forth slowly, savoring the moments of holding my baby boy for a few moments before he drifted off to sleep. The blessing of parenting came with a burden.

But the burden of parenting is eased through the honor of praying.

While I rocked, I prayed for this boy to know how much his daddy and I love him. And I prayed for him to know how much Jesus loves him.

The rocking chair has held many babies since this boy and many more prayers have been whispered over soft baby heads, cradled closely. While the Noah’s ark décor has long been removed and those baby feet have grown to larger than my own, one thing hasn’t changed–I still pray that my boy will know how much Jesus and his parents love him.

Love — The 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge via The MOB Society


It’s been twelve years since I started praying for my son to know how much he is loved. God has answered my prayers in many ways. Asking Jesus into his heart several years ago was the first step in understanding how much Jesus loves him. Continuing on to hold prayer conversations of his own has deepened the knowledge of God’s love. This boy of mine keeps his own prayer journal now and through recording his personal faith journey, he logs a little of God’s love each day. His daddy and I are blessed to watch him begin to understand God’s love, not just for himself as an individual, but for the world.

An incredible transformation takes place when God’s love has been poured into a human being– God’s love begins to pour out of that same human being. Seeing God’s love on display through our children creates a beautiful masterpiece for our viewing pleasure. If we as earthly parents are so pleased with the love shown in our children’s lives, can you imagine how much God loves to see this beauty in his children?


I’m guessing God’s brag book is the largest ever. I wonder if he ever looks down and says:

“That one right there. Wow, did you see him? What he did looks just like something I would do.”

Then he sits back, smiling, remembering that first day when his love blossomed into a little boy’s heart and it began to grow.


What are some ways having God’s love can help us to love others better?

Throughout the day, pray the ten scripture prayers found at the end of the Love chapter in Praying for Boys!

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