Your kids really are creative, it may just not be in the traditional way you may be thinking. 

Today Erin, Home with the Boys and Brooke McGlothlin chat with special guest Chatologie with Angie Elkins.

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

What is creativity?

How do we open our eyes to creativity in our children?

When we see it, how do we begin to nurture it?

Listen in as we answer these questions and more today on MOB Live!

Check out these highlights:

Welcome. Introduction. Prayer

{58:30} Welcome Angie!

{52:30} What is creativity?

{49:30} How do you recognize and look for creativity in your kids?

{37:30} Be willing to commit and stick with it to nuture the creative elements in your kids

{25:30} It’s okay if you don’t get your kids creativity. Just go with it, be supportive and say YES!

{19:30} Try and find other kids that have the same creative interests

{15:00} Ideas for Christmas gifts that nurture creativity-