Have you ever heard a Prayer Warrior say, “Praying will change your entire life!” and wondered what the big deal is? Why does everyone think prayer changes everything?

Are there legitimate, “This will change your life” reasons you should be praying every day? If so, what actually changes?

Join The MOB Society‘s Brooke McGlothlin and Home with the Boys (Erin Mohring) as they interview author and speaker, Mary DeMuth. Mary’s new podcast, Pray Every Day is one of our very favorites right now! We’ll be sharing life-changing stores, practical tips, and encouragement for getting YOUR prayer life on track!

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Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>> What would happen if we stopped saying, “I will pray for you.” and started saying, “Let’s pray together right now!”

>> Do you wish that you had someone in your life who would  model what it means to pray?

>> Do you realize that when you pray, you are actually partnering with the God of the universe?

>> What happens when you dare to pray for another person!?

>> It’s important to listen to truth and stop listening to lies! How do we do that?

>> Have ever wondered if it’s okay to “complain” in prayer?

>> Would you like some practical steps to take that will help you go deeper in prayer?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome, Introductions, and Opening Prayer 

{39:45} Introduction of Mary DeMuth

{36:00} Mary talks about her podcast and what she wants to accomplish through it.

{28:00} Brooke shares  about the awsomemess of prayer and what God does when you partner with him.

{27:00} Mary shares some new things that are coming on her prayer podcast.

{24:55} Brooke asks Mary why it is important for people to learn the art of prayer.

{15:30} Mary shares her daily prayer.

{15:10} Brooke, Mary, and Erin share 6 reasons why  prayer is essential.

{7:35}  Erin asks Mary for some practical steps that people can take  to go deeper in their prayer life.

Links Mentioned:

Mary DeMuth’s blog: marydemuth.com

Mary DeMuth’s podcast: prayeveryday.show

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