Listen  as Erin (Home with the Boys) and Brooke McGlothlin show you tips and tricks they personally use with their own copies of My Book of Prayer!

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Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>Are you wondering how the Book of Prayer fits into your life and if you have time to use it?

>Are you worried that the Book of Prayer will be too complicated for you to keep up with?

>What kind of mom is the Book of Prayer meant for?

>If you would like some personal insight into how Brooke and Erin use their Book of Prayer, this episode is for you!

Check out these highlights:

Welcome, moment of silence to remember those lost on 9/11, time of prayer

{ 46:05 } Erin asks, “What were the highlights of your summer?”  Brooke and Erin share about their summer.

{40:00} Brooke explains why she and Erin created the book of prayer.

{37:09} Brooke explains how to view the book of prayer and what makes it unique.

{28:41} Brooke gives some tips on how she uses the Book of Prayer.

{26:00} Erin shares some tips about how she  uses the Book of Prayer.

{17:30} Brooke and Erin shares some thoughts about using the Prayer section in the Book of Prayer.

{14:20} Brooke and Erin give suggestions on how to use the notes section.

{6:45} Erin shares about how you can bring some creativity  to the Book of Prayer.

{2:14}  Erin and Brooke give opportunity for you to ask questions.


Today’s MOB Live is brought to you by my book of prayer