It was the day of the week when I clean out my refrigerator and create my menu and grocery list.  On my kitchen table there were Tupperware containers half filled with leftovers from the week, milk that had gone bad, and a few serving bowls with food that had yet to be eaten. As I pulled another item out to be examined, I heard a knock on the door and went to see who had come to visit.

When I opened the door I was greeted by a dear friend. Her hair was wet, she had no makeup on, and she looked like she’d been crying.  I pulled her in to my home,  walked with her to my kitchen, and offered her what I had: a little bit of mellon and the last can of  lemon LaCroix.  She then began to tell me what was bothering her.

She works full time and has a house to clean, meals to make, laundry to wash, and a church that she wants to be involved in. Not knowing quite how to manage all that was on her plate, she had become overwhelmed and felt like a failure.  Nothing was getting done well and she couldn’t seem to get into a good rhythm. She was exhausted and needed someone to help her figure out how to put some order back into her life.  I was happy to help!

I think that many of us can relate to this precious young lady.  I know I can! It’s hard to juggle it all!  It can become overwhelming!  Although at times it might seem impossible to accomplish all that we’ve been given to do, if we take time to evaluate our lives and then come up with a plan, I believe we can answer the call we have been given.

Take the time to sit quietly and evaluate your life.  What are your highest priorities? Is there something in your schedule that needs to change or be deleted from your to do list?

Let’s evaluate!

Do You Need Some Order In Your Life? 8 Areas To Evaluate:

  1. God: Are you spending time in the Word and nurturing your relationship with Jesus?
  2. Family: Are you able to spend uninterrupted time nurturing your relationships with your husband and children?
  3. Home: Are you able to keep your home in order? (not perfect but in order) I have a  list of each room in my home and what needs to be done weekly. I try to  do what needs to be done in one room a day.
  4. Job: Do you work outside the home or from home?  Are you limiting commitments so that when you are not at work you can focus on the above? (1-3)
  5. Health: Are you able to focus on your personal health/fitness? How can you fit that in?
  6. Church: Is there at least one church ministry that you can get involved in? Small group, volunteering for nursery, etc?  I like to volunteer to serve with my husband or on a day I would be in church already.
  7. Hospitality:  How can you include others in your day to day lives by offering hospitality? Pulling others into your home is an excellent way to nurture community and share the gospel with those who do not know Jesus!
  8. Friendships: Do you have a few people in your life that you can pour into and who do the same for you?  Look for ways in which you can nurturing relationships in a natural way by inviting them in to your flexible routine.

I like to take time to evaluate these 8 areas of life every few months.  Seasons change and with those changes we often can adjust how we live our priorities.  Our homes, lives, and schedules will never be perfect, but I believe we can have order and be flexibly organized.  When we  take the time to plan, we will be even more effective in our callings – for the glory of God!

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