Erin and Brooke are joined in this episode by Lisa Whittle!

Jesus is everything. It is the heart, the passion and the leadership approach of author and speaker, Lisa Whittle. Lisa is the author of 6 books including her newly released, Put Your Warrior Boots On: Walking Jesus Strong Once and For All and the 5 Word Prayers 40-Day Devotional, as well as a sought out Bible teacher for her wit and bold, bottom line approach. Wife, mom, lover of laughter, good food, interior design, and the Bible, Lisa is a grateful work in progress.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • This crazy-hard world calls for crazy-hard Jesus followers.
  • The same power is available to us that raised Jesus from the dead and seated Him at the right hand of the Father, we are then to walk in the authority of God (Eph. chapter 1).
  • “The trouble is, we are addicted to easy Christianity and it’s hard to get it out of our system. For many of us, it’s become the accepted way of life. We don’t see a problem with shallow or stale religion. We sit at the fringe and we think it’s as good as the center. We don’t see the danger in human attempts to jazz up the gospel, and we make it about us, but in the end, we pay.”
  • I know I need something more than spiritual flip-flops to walk through this life.

Don’t Miss This:

With 31 minutes left, Lisa joins Brooke and Erin and introduces herself.

Brooke quotes from Lisa’s book, “The intensity of the world requires an equal intensity of faith” and asks Lisa to unpack the idea with 26 minutes left.

Erin builds off of what Lisa said and asks if we’re talking more about our problems or more about the power of Jesus with 22:30 left.

With 21 minutes left, Lisa talks about her inspiration for the book title and cover.

With 17:30 left, Lisa quotes from Eph. 1 and challenges us to rise to our spiritual potential. We need to strengthen our spiritual lives so we’re able and ready to do everything else we’re called to do.

With 13 minutes left, Lisa reminds us we have to know what we believe so we can help our teens and young adults know what they believe.

With 9 minutes left, Erin shares how she encouraged her oldest son to remember walking with God takes practice. Lisa reminds us we have the Scripture and the Holy Spirit so we are prepared for this life.

With 6:30 left, Lisa talks about being human brave versus Jesus strong.

Brooke offers an important challenge with 3:30 left.

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