There are certain challenges that most boys face at some point in their lives…

  • self-control
  • anger
  • lust
  • performance-based love
  • delayed-gratification
  • standing up for what’s right—alone
  • quitting
  • pornography

At the MOB Society, we strive to see the challenges of life—whether our son’s or ours—through the lens of God’s Word. The traditional “Man Up” perspective our culture beats into the heads of boys has its pros and cons—sometimes a man does just need to suck it up and do the right thing. But more often it’s completely devoid of a biblical focus on what a man really is.

So we have a generation of men trying to “man up” with no idea what it means to be a man. (<<—tweet that!)

Teaching Boys to Seek God First as They Face the Challenges of Life (a new series from the MOB Society writers)

In the month of May, we’ll focus on some of the most common challenges boys face today, equipping moms to come alongside their future men with biblical wisdom in their toolkit.

Starting Friday, set your browser here, and join us for a month-long series on what it truly means to man up—seeking God for the wisdom to do it in the challenges boys face the most. We’ll link to all of the posts in the series here so they’re easy to find. Subscribe now to our feed so you make sure to get it right in your inbox!

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