God’s plans are always bigger and great than our own!

That’s what The MOB Society has been learning over the last year or so. Today Erin, Home with the Boys and Brooke McGlothlin make a big announcement and give a little backstory of the process God has taken them on individually and as leaders in ministry.


Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:


> The heart behind The MOB Society’s newest project

> How you can be a part of it!

Check out these highlights:

Welcome. Prayers. Introduction.

{10:45} Unveiling of the newest MOB Society Project

{14:30} The backstory and explanation of how the Pray the Word Journal came to be

{21:00} Explanation of the new title – Pray the Word Journal

{27:30} Virtual Tour of the Pray the Word Journal

{46:00} How you can buy you own Pray the Word Journal


Friends we are so excited about this next step for The MOB Society. We hope you will join us! Go to Praythewordjournal.com now and order yours! They will start shipping mid-November!

Pray the Word Journal is truly designed for every mom.