Tween boys can be a mystery.

David Thomas, a therapist to boys and friend of our ministry, once told me that tween boys are more socially, emotionally, physically, sexually, and spiritually aware than they have ever been. They are constantly thinking about what people think about them!

If that’s true, it’s no wonder we can’t get our sons to remember to turn off their bedroom lights!

On this episode of  MOB LIVE, Home with the Boys and Brooke McGlothlin are talking to Jeff Henderson all about the struggles our TWEEN and TEEN boys are having these days, and, wait for it, why they need their FATHERS to step up in new, practical, and intentional ways.

Yes…we said FATHERS.

Ladies, if you are able to, please encourage your husband to listen to this  MOB LIVE ! It will be well worth his time.

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>Have you notice that  kids are growing up faster?  Does it concern you?

>Do you want to know how to get your boys to Jesus?

>How can you as a parent lean in and connect with your boys?

>What do you do when you don’t see any growth in your boys?

> Would you like to know how much of an influence a dad can really have on his boys?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome, Introductions, Prayer

{49:25} Jeff Henderson Introduced

{46:00} Brooke asks, “What is going on with our tween boys that motivated you to create the Champion Tribes program?”

{43:22} Erin asks, ” Why are dads so important during the season of middle school?”

{35:17} Brooke asks, “Why is dad uniquely designed to connect with their son in the tween years, and what is the role of the mom with her son  in this season of life?”

{23:55}  Erin asks, “What are some practical things that a dad can do to impact their middle school son?”

{14:45}  Brooke asks Jeff to explain the “champion tribes” program and tell where to get the program.

{8:51} Erin and Jeff share about the “Every Day Milestones” kit.

{1:34} Erin asks Jeff to share one thing he has consistently prayed for his sons over the years.


This episode of MOB LIVE is brought to you by  Champion Tribes and The Every Day Milestones Kit.