We talk a lot about mentoring around here, but what’s the big deal? Why is it so important? Is it really worth the work of finding and cultivating that kind of relationship?

Those are the questions we’ll be answering during this week’s MOB Live! Some of you have thought about seeking out a mentor and some of you are feeling the tug to BE a mentor for a younger woman in your life. This Live is for ALL of us!

Join us  for this real LIVE conversation with Brooke, Erin, and our resident mentor and BoyRaiser Tribe community manager, Gina Smith. We’ll be sharing our personal stories of how mentoring relationships have been important to each of us, as well as addressing God’s call to older women as they enter a season as a mentor.

Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

> Do you feel clueless as a mom and  wish you had someone in your life who could tell you what to do?

>What is a mentor supposed to look like?

>Do you have an idea in your mind of what mentoring should look like and feel like you are failing in that area?

>What do the scriptures have to say about mentoring and the role of the older generation?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome. Prayers. Introduction.

{45:59 } Brooke asks Gina to tell her story of what she used to think mentoring should be and  what she discovered as she got older.

{39:23 }  Brooke shares the different arenas that mentoring can happen.

{34:11 }  Brooke asks “What makes a good mentor from a biblical perspective?”

{27:04 }Brooke shares some important things to look for in the life of a potential mentor.

{23:15 } Erin talks about influence and  the 2 greatest things she learned from her mentor.

{15:13 } Erin asks Gina to share what her  heart is behind her writing (Mentoring Monday)  and ministry and what she is hoping to accomplish.

{11:12 } Brooke  asks Gina to  share about a new feature that is coming with the Book of Prayer


This episode of MOB Live is brought to you by The BoyRaiser Tribe.