By now we know that most of you want to be praying on a regular basis, but life can conspire against every our bast-laid plans. Sometimes, to make a habit go from a “want to” to a “done” we need a serious “why to.” Author, Speaker, and Podcaster, Mary DeMuth joined us for an episode of MOB LIVE all about this giving us lots of tips and practical habits.

In this article, we’re taking some of her wisdom, combined with ours, to help you figure out your why by sharing 6 reasons you should be praying every day!

1. It will make you a better mom.

Mary shared this reason on episode #31 of MOB LIVE, and we couldn’t agree more. Constant conversation with your Creator will change how you see the world and interact with your children. You’ll notice over time that you’re becoming more and more like Jesus, and that means you’re showing more and more of Him to your Kids. Win!

2. It will give you a place to unload your burdens.

Erin shared with us that one of the things she loves most about prayer is that it gives her a place to rest. As she tells God all about the things that are currently weighing her down, she feels relief in remembering that God already knows and has everything under control. Who better to take our cares to than The One who has the power to do something about them?

3. It will increase your knowledge of God’s character.

It’s really just like having an old friend. When you spend time with someone, you know how they think, what they would do in certain situations, and what their voice sounds like. As you get to know God more through time spent in prayer, you will think more like He does, know when He’s moving in your life, and recognize when He’s speaking to you.

4. It will change your mind.

Mary shared that one of the areas she struggles most with is body image. As she has struggled to see herself the way God sees her, and dump the way the world things about beauty, praying God’s Word back to Him has helped shape her mind and remind her of the truth when she feels bombarded with lies.

5. It will deepen your relationship.

We’ve already touched on this, but when you’re in a relationship with someone you TALK to them, right? Same with God, really. At its most basic level, prayer is simply talking to God. Doing it will remind you that He isn’t some far off God who has forgotten about you. No, He’s the God who bends down to listen, and He has his ears and eyes inclined toward you (Psalm 116:2).

6. It will help you be “others” focused.

Taking the time to pray not just for yourself, but for the needs of others will help you keep your eyes off of yourself and be “others” focused. Jesus taught us that to love is to serve, and to put the needs of others above our own. This is a fantastic way to keep your mind and heart in the right place (AND to help put YOUR troubles in perspective)!

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