We’ve collected a ton of knee-slapping #boystories in preparation for this episode of MOB LIVE! If you need a good laugh, be sure to tune in!

Listen as The MOB Society‘s Home with the Boys (Erin Mohring) and Brooke McGlothlin share YOUR hilarious boy stories in celebration of the new Amazon Prime TV release of The Dangerous Book for Boys!

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Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>> Do your boys think that you have eyes in the back of your head?  That you can see everything they do?

>> Sometimes the things that you don’t that your boys have done will be a lot funnier 20 years from now!

>> Do you ever wonder why  God made boys the way they are?

>> Would you like to read a book that would tell you all the things that your boys need to know before they move into manhood?

Check out these highlights:

Welcome and Introductions

{51:03} What makes The MOB Society different than other boy mom resources.

{48:20 } God made our boys the way that they are on purpose and for a purpose.

(47:30 ) Brooke shares why God gave her two hard to handle boys.

{46:25 } Erin shares what God has done in her life through her boys.

{44:13 } Introduction of “The Dangerous Book For Boys”

{40:42 } Erin shares about a new TV program based on the book!

{36:13} Brooke shares some funny stories from her family’s experience

{29:00 } Brooke and Erin share some funny boy mom stories.

{1:00 } Go get the book and watch the TV program!