Did you know that if you wait until your children are around 9 years old to talk to them about sex, you’ve probably waited too long.

I know, that age shocked me, too. Four years ago, when my husband and I first started thinking through talking to our kids about sex, the age of first pornography viewing among boys was around 11.

I don’t even want to know what it is now.

If that doesn’t convince you that the time is now to talk to your kids about sex, I don’t know what will. The evil isn’t just out there anymore, friends. We’re naive if we think our kids have to search for, look for something evil to view.

Evil is looking for them.

Join Brooke McGlothlin, and Home with the Boys (Erin Mohring)  as they talk to Luke and Trisha Gilkerson of Intoxicated on Life about step #1 in creating a healthy, biblical view of sex…

Having, “The Talk.”

If you know you need help in this area, consider grabbing Luke and Trisha’s book on the subject, The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality by clicking here —>> #aff: bit.ly/HavingTheTalk

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

>>Are you fearful as your children approach the teen years?

>>Our kids really are immersed in a different world than we were in!

>>What is your criteria for selecting resources to help you teach your kids about sex?

>>Do you find that some resources can be biblically accurate, yet over people’s heads?

>>There’s something really good about combining true, biblical science with true biblical relationship.

>>The world is going to fill in the void if we don’t take the time to talk with our kids and create an atmosphere where they can talk with us about sex.

>> Will talking about sex with kids when they are young cause them problems?

>> When you live in a war zone, you are doing your children no favors by pretending that we don’t live in a war zone! We need to prepare our kids for the war!

Check out these highlights:

Welcome and Introductions

{49:04} Brooke talks about when she realized that they needed to have “the talk” with her son

{44: 38} Brooke shares her criteria for selecting what to use to help teach her boys about sex

(44:12) Introduction of Luke and Tricia Gilkerson

{39:00 } Luke shares why he and Tricia write and speak

{37:00} Luke and Tricia share about their family

{ 34:36} Luke shares why it is good to share with your kids about sex earlier rather than later

{36:31 } What are we supposed to teach, according to scripture, to prepare our kids?

{18:35 } Erin asks, “How can we prepare ourselves for having this talk with our kids?”

{12:45 } Brooke asks, “Should mom and dad both be involved in this conversation?”

{8:02} What is “The Talk” and how do you use the book?

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