Your favorite ministry for moms of boys is changing.

In fact, it’s been happening behind the scenes for a few years.

It’s a completely natural next step based on the way God has been leading us for some time.

Over the next few weeks, leading up to Mother’s Day, we’ll be releasing an entirely new vision for our next phase of ministry.

The changes are big. We’ll have:

  • A new name.
  • A new mission.
  • A brand new ministry birthed out of the old one.
  • New faces.
  • New options.
  • Opportunities for deeper ministry targeting you right where you are.

A lot is going to change. But some of your favorite things about The MOB Society are going to stay. More on that later.

For now, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the ministry of Million Praying Moms!

Million Praying Moms is a Christian community anchoring women to faith and prayer.

If you’re a mom who believes in prayer this community is for you. Come as you are. There’s no judgement here. Whether you pray faithfully for hours every day, struggle to find time to fit it in, or anywhere in between, Million Praying Moms is your home.

We’ll help you find the strength you need to handle life with grace and teach you to make prayer YOUR first and best response to the challenges of parenting.

You are one in a million—uniquely created by God for His purpose AND part of something much bigger than you could ever be alone.

Take a peak at this new praying community by clicking here!

We’re going to roll out more and more information about the new Million Praying Moms movement over the coming days. We literally can’t wait to show you the full vision for what God has called us to do! To kick things off, we’ve created a stunningly simple 7-day prayer series just for you. It’s called 7 Essential Prayers for Every Mom, and you can have it delivered to your inbox by clicking here.

Don’t worry. We promise everything is going to fit together beautifully. We’re not losing the MOB Society community, it’s just changing, blooming into the next season. But it’s too much to tell you in one email. So watch @themobsociety Instagram account (which will become #millionprayingmoms on May 1) over the next few weeks…we’ll be telling you the whole story…giving you the vision for what’s to come…and helping you know how to get involved!

Stay tuned!

Brooke and Erin
The MOB Society
Million Praying Moms