My Book of Prayer pre-orders are officially open now through May 7th and we’ve had some GREAT questions about it so far! Let me take a few minutes and answer 4 serious questions you’ve had about My Book of Prayer that I think can help you as you make your decision!

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1. “I already pray every day for my family. Will My Book of Prayer still help me?”

Yes, it will. I’ve been a praying mom for a long time, and only journaled my prayers occasionally. Since I’ve been consistently journaling, I’ve noticed my prayers seem to be deeper, more reflective, more in line with God’s heart for my children, and, bonus, it keeps MY eyes focused on God’s Word throughout the day. Win!

2. “I use an app on my phone to remind me to pray. Do I still need My Book of Prayer?”

IMO, yes, and here’s why. I love my phone (probably too much!), but I’ve found that if I open it first thing in the morning, I get easily distracted. Distraction is NOT something I need more of when I’m trying to focus on talking to God on behalf of my children. My recommendation? Use your phone app to record prayer needs, or even to send you reminders to pray at certain times (I do this often) but use the Book of Prayer to engage the Word of God BEFORE you turn on your phone.

3. Why do I need to “prayer journal?” Isn’t praying alone enough?

Yes and no. We want you praying regardless of how you do it, but there really is something about writing things down that engages more of your brain, and therefore, your heart. Research supports it 100% (that’s why my 5th grader’s teacher makes him write his spelling words 2xs a day. It really works!).

4. Why should I join The Tribe in order to get my copy? Can’t I purchase it without a monthly membership?

Yes you can! We know that some people want to try things and see if they’re the right fit before committing to something monthly (I get it. I tend to do that myself. Especially with journals. I’m picky about how it should look, feel, etc). BUT, joining the Tribe is such a huge bonus! As a member in good standing, you automatically get each new edition of My Book of Prayer, a community of like-minded moms who GET you, and lots of other perks.

Here’s what Dalyn said about Tribe membership:

“People living out the Christian walk are the minority. It’s easy to get on social media and be overwhelmed with this week’s “movement” or others’ political or religious beliefs. Everyone is always soapboxing. This is like having godly girlfriends on a 24 hour hotline.”

So now I have a question for YOU?

Why haven’t you gotten your copy of My Book of Prayer yet?

There’s a new, fresh, deeper prayer life waiting for you on the other side of that pre-order button above! Click it today!