15 Creative Ways to Contain Your Boys' Lego Collection via The MOB Society

15 Creative Ways to Contain Your Boys’ Lego Collection via The MOB Society

As a mom of one or more boys, you will likely encounter the craze of Legos. Legos are awesome! Legos entertain, spark imagination, leave trails of little, stabbing things all over you house, messes everywhere…well, let’s talk about containing Lego pieces and how we can not only contain the Lego mess, but actually get those boys to clean them up! There’s bound to be at least one of these ideas that you can use for your son’s Lego collection, since I’ve come up with 15 very, creative ways to contain all the Legos!

1. Basic, but functional you can organize your Lego pieces in a store-bought, plastic drawer unit. Sort by color and/or style.

2. If they love those mini-figures and want to display them but still use them, this creative shelving unit is perfect for just that!

3. An all-in-one book shelf can hold everything in just one area so that the mess stays {hopefully} in one part of your home instead of scattered everywhere.

4. Incorporate the design into their closet with a display shelf and bins to throw them all into.

5. I love the idea of using a tool box to contain the Legos by color – not only is it creative, but kinda manly too!

6. If you have a large, plastic, snack container you can make the cutest Lego storage box with a little spray paint and creativity – and for almost no money!

7. If you’re a mom like me, you might things to always look aesthetically pleasing around your house, but super functional. This Ikea Hack of the Lack table turned Lego table is awesome!

8. This dad built a rolling storage boxto slide under his son’s bed for all his Legos! Super smart and keeps them completely hidden!

9. If your boy likes to take his Legos outside or next door to his buddy’s house, how about a portable tray to hold and display your Lego collection?

10. Grab a wooden box from Hobby Lobby and turn it into a travel Lego Box in just a few easy steps to take on a car trip!

11. I love the idea of having a mat on the floor, but then grabbing all the Lego pieces up in a bunch when you’re ready to go. You can make one, too, just like this Mom did for her son’s collection.

12. Another traveling Lego case is this plastic case one Mom made for her son’s Lego collection for about $10 and some glue!

13. Maybe you need a desk AND a play table for your son’s Lego collection – well, this Ikea Hack worked so great because you can simply move the counter up or down to adjust and the storage is on the sides!

14.If you’re a big fan of labeling and organizing by color, this sliding, organized system will probably be your cup of tea!

15. If your boys like to keep all their Lego instruction books, they can get torn and messy. Make an organized notebook to hold them neatly and keep from losing them.

However you get the Legos organized to begin with, my advice is to keep after those boys and enforce rules that make them clean up after themselves and to be considerate of others. Designating a “Lego building area” may help you to keep from stepping on them with your bare feet or vacuuming up little, critical pieces! Teach themto clean up after themselves and be consistent, while allowing for creativity. Have your boys gone Lego crazy? At what age did you see it start?

Becky Barnfather

Becky Barnfather

Becky is blogger, speaker, piano teacher, wife and mom to two children – her son is 15 {he has autism} and her daughter is 10. She is passionate about motivating women to organize and have a relaxed and calm home {as much as possible}. She’s not OCD and not a perfectionist – just a girl who loves to organize. You can find her blogging atwww.OrganizingMadeFun.com