Teaching our Boys to Pray for Their Future Wife via The MOB Society

Teaching our Boys to Pray for Their Future Wife via The MOB Society

A few weeks into dating my husband, he let me in on the secret that he had been praying for me every day of the summer before we met. That blew me away. I mean, he didn’t know me–we had never met, but he knew I was out there and that God would lead us together at just the right time. So there, on the big white board in the little room he used as the youth pastor of a small church, Dave wrote the words “PRAY FOR HER.”

The summer before we met was a pretty huge time for me spiritually. God was getting my attention–pulling me back to him and away from a lot sin in my life. I believe that my future husband’s prayers were powerful that summer.

Shortly after he told me about the secret of the whiteboard prayer, Dave confessed that this wasn’t his original idea…nor were these the first prayers he had prayed for me. In fact, he had been praying for me since he was five years old! It was all thanks to his mom. Dave’s mom taught him from a young age that the girl he would marry was out there…somewhere…and that God had a plan. She taught him to think of me and to pray for me every day.

Hearing that news pretty much blew my mind. I felt so loved.

I believe that as Dave prayed for me, he began to prepare for me. He considered me in the decisions he made–from dating, to jobs, to ministry. He knew that he would share this life with another person. I became someone very real and very important to include in his life plans.

Fast forward eighteen years. Dave and I are now married with four boys of our own, and you better believe I am following in my mother-in-law’s footsteps.

I have begun teaching my own boys to pray for their wives. Unless God calls them to remain single, we can be sure that there is a girl out there that they will one day marry…and she needs prayer.  Not only does she need prayer, but our boys need what they will gain from this awesome habit of praying for their future wives.

By praying for their future wives, our sons’ hearts are prepared for her role in their life.

My husband and I talk to our boys about the men that they are becoming, and how important it is to cultivate the character qualities that will make them excellent husbands and fathers such as learning to appreciate and understand women, looking forward to a partnership that will require dedication and hard work, but will be worth it all.

Some Topics We Teach Our Boys to Pray About

1. That their future wives would come to know the Lord at a young age and that God would guide and lead her every day.
2. That our boys themselves would stay close to the Lord and follow Him in all of their ways. This includes keeping themselves pure and honoring their future wives in all that they do.
3. That our boys would meet the right girl at just the right time and that the two of them would build a relationship with the Lord at the center.

It is never too soon to start talking, dreaming, and praying with your boys about their future wives.  Keep it light when they are young, but making it a very open and comfortable topic will pay off in the years to come. And trust me when I say that their wives will one day thank you!