We live in a world where it can be very easy for kids to grow up totally ungrateful for the gifts they have.
After all, most of us have non-stop access to clean water, heat, shelter, food, and clothing. In fact, most of us have much more than we actually need, and yet still run out to get the latest toy when it hits the stores. We don’t really know what it means to go without, and because of it we get caught up in the “give me more” mentality. Guilty as charged, right?

Me too. That’s why we’re taking a deep look at the biblical idea of gratitude next month…


Join us over the next month as we take a close look at the heart of gratitude and thanksgiving, AND give you practical tips for how to teach these concepts to your boys. We’ll learn how to create a culture of thanksgiving in our daily lives, and begin praying for God to change our mumbling and complaining into thanksgiving.

Let’s start by asking God to open our eyes, and those of our boys, to His many blessings! Pray with me?

“Lord, help us to see Your hand in our lives. Help us to see even just our life and breath and being as a gift from You. Give us eyes to see the million little ways You show Your love to us every day, and a fresh understanding of how amazing You really are. As we ‘sing for joy at the work of Your hands,’ (Psalm 92:4) may our families be encouraged to do the same. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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