Last week’s winners of the MOB Society mugs are Jamie Gunnels and Alyssa Kovach! Thank  you SO much for giving and watch your email for details very soon!

Today we’re sharing a few more pieces of the vision God has given us for encouraging and equipping boy moms and dads through a move to nonprofit ministry. The MOB Society will still be here and on Facebook, but it will all be a part of the larger Raising Boys Ministries! We’re in the process of fundraising right now to make the move to nonprofit status and we appreciate all of you who have supported and prayed for us on this journey! We’re another week into the fundraiser, so time to unveil another big dream…

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Big Dream 2: Podcast + Online Classes

Well, it wouldn’t be any surprise to anyone who has met me in person, but in case you don’t already know: I love to talk. Brooke and I both enjoy speaking at various events, but we know the MOB community can’t travel to those limited events. We also have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration on our MOB team and from others in the boy-raising arena that we would love to share with all of you in a new format.

For the past year, we’ve been receiving requests to start a MOB podcast. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with moms because you can do other things while listening – drive, cook, fold laundry, etc. We’re all for encouraging multi-tasking! We’re excited to get a MOB podcast rolling in 2015 and have lots of fabulous guests in mind to inspire us all!

For a little more in-depth equipping, we are planning some dynamite online classes to launch next year, complete with videos and accompanying resources on topics relevant to your life as you raise boys to love the Lord!

We are seriously giddy about seeing these two projects come to life and we hope you’re excited about them as well!

Here’s how one reader has been blessed by The MOB Society:

I have an H2H {hard to handle} boy. And I love him. But….that didn’t stop me (and doesn’t stop me) from sitting and wondering what I am doing wrong, where did I go wrong and feeling like an utter failure. I mean crying, weeping and wailing – I want to get this right, raise this boy the best that I can…why is this so hard? And then I came across The MOB Society! What an amazing gift from God to me. I’m still learning but at least…I don’t feel alone knowing there are other Mothers out there that are experiencing these same things, these same H2H beautiful boys and there are Mamas who aren’t giving up, giving in and will fight to the end for them. It gave me hope, gives me hope, picks me up and carries me on those days when I feel like I can’t take another step. 


This is why we’re here, friends. And to keep this up, we need your help.


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Words can’t express how grateful we are for your support and encouragement. Give today so that the ministry of the MOB Society can continue, and keep reading on Saturdays this month to catch the whole vision with us!

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