Welcome to Guest post month at The MOB Society! Today’s post is by Kristen Schell, writer, speaker, teacher, and mother to four littles. Please welcome her!

Looking around the house this morning, I noticed two things — lots of shoes and a messy kitchen table. My pre-coffee self grumbled and hastily began to clean stuff up, shoving socks, shoes, and remnants of breakfast out of the way.

All these shoes.

Three girls + one teenage son = shoes-a-plenty in our house. Seems like someone is always tripping over sparkly high tops or complaining about stinky cleats. As I considered the mess in my kitchen, something shifted in my heart and stirred deep within my soul.

We take our shoes for granted.

And, I wonder if you do too? If you’ve every hollered, “Boys! Pick up your shoes!” chances are you have plenty of shoes in your house.

Sometimes keeping our boys fit and fed requires thinking outside of the box. Since we are all about nourishing our son’s souls here at the MOB Society, I’d like to offer a different kind of recipe today. A recipe for hope.



Let’s have a party with a purpose.

What if I told you a pair of shoes could save a life? And by hosting a simple party you could be part of hope in Africa? Sole Hope is an amazing ministry dedicated to providing closed toed shoes to African children. Wearing shoes prevents life threatening infections caused by jiggers, small sand fleas, which enter bare feet and burrow into the skin. Sole Hope changes lives in Uganda one pair of shoes at a time. But, let’s don’t just tell our sons about the shoes, let’s be part of the team that makes them.

Host a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party

Hosting a shoe cutting party is an easy, fun way to make a huge impact in the life of a child, and of a village. You decide who to invite, but I’m partial to the idea of a mother-son party. Keep the party small and intimate for your family, or invite the whole class, church group, or neighborhood! It’s up to you and your son.

Sole Hope makes it easy:

  1. Order a shoe cutting kit
  2. Invite your son’s friends, ask them to bring an old pair of jeans!
  3. Serve yummy treats, like a popcorn bar with fun toppings and mix-ins
  4. Cut up old jeans using the pattern provided and mail them to Sole Hope

The jeans you cut will be the inside sole of the shoes that a child will soon wear. Once the soles are in Africa, Sole Hope trains men and women to make the rest of the shoes. The children get shoes, the adults learn a valuable trade—shoe making.


Because every party needs favors, I’m giving away a Shoe Cutting Party {10 Person Packet} and a copy of the book Kisses from Katie.



Follow the prompts below to enter, and enjoy planning your shoe cutting party. You and your boys are changing the world, Moms!

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