“So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.” Romans 14:19

My life is anything but peaceful these days.

At any given moment you can find me prepping for my next meeting, chasing a 2-year-old who doesn’t seem to have an “off” button, juggling multiple projects for my freelance clients, and balancing the glue and tape for my preschooler as we complete our next homeschool lesson — all amidst wrangling our calendar and errands and family obligations. Sound familiar?

With the holidays right around the corner, I know the crazy factor in our lives is only going to ramp up, but I don’t want our lives to become a jumbled mess of hurrying from one activity to the next. I don’t want the background of my boys playtime to include me or my husband yelling from one room to the next for them to quiet down (ironic, right?). I have this overwhelming desire to start prioritizing peace in our lives and I know the only way my boys will learn to be peacemakers is if they see it lived out daily.

Peace — 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge via The MOB Society

Lately, we’ve been struggling with our boys maintaining peace — they fight, grab toys from each other, and roar in each other’s faces on a daily basis. And while I know they still love each other fiercely, it’s starting to take a toll on the family. And then, it hit me — peace between my boys is almost always linked to the atmosphere of peace we create in our home.

Scripture tells us to “…pursue what makes for peace and mutual upbuilding.” And that little word, “pursue” is pushing me to action. I can’t passively wish for peace to enter my home, I have to actively chase after it and create it (<<—Tweet That). 

Here are some ideas I am working to implement in our home to accomplish that goal.


In the natural routines of our day, I want to create intentional moments of quiet for our family — simple reflections on Scripture over the breakfast table, a nap or hour of reading in the afternoon, tempering our play after the dinner hour to quiet activities — these all foster a calmer atmosphere. I also want to designate a special space in our home to be a safe place to go when you’re feeling crazy — yes, getting energy out is critical for boys, but sometimes you also need a fluffy chair and fuzzy blanket and a basket of books for 15 minutes before your brother beans you on the head again.


I struggle with worry and anxiety and I desperately do not want those elements of my character to become part of my legacy. I want my words to be uplifting, full of life, and seasoned with grace. Beyond checking my own self-talk and watching what I allow little ears in my home to overhear, I want to set up visual anchors throughout our home of God’s promises. I want to display those Truths throughout our house — on the whiteboard on the fridge, in a picture frame in the bathroom, on Scripture prints hung on a clipboard gallery wall. And I want to curate music collections and playlists that help foster a sense of peace — either lyrically or through the orchestration and arrangement — to provide our home with a soundtrack of tranquility.

Today, I’d love to bless you with some tools as you journey with me on the path towards a more peaceful home! I’ve designed this free, downloadable scripture art print just for you! Just click the image below! And feel free to use the playlist below as you go about your work and play today or use it as inspiration for building your own — it features 7 faith-based songs and closes out with 5 beautiful classical pieces.

FREE Printable Scripture Art from Finding Eden Media via The MOB Society


What are some ways you can establish an atmosphere of peace in your home? Do you have any tricks for encouraging peace between your boys?

Throughout the day, pray the ten scripture prayers found at the end of the Peace chapter in Praying for Boys!

Alle McCloskey of Finding Eden MediaMost people run on food, sleep and strong coffee to get through their day. We’re pretty sure Alle’s energy comes from pure shots of creativity (although, she’ll never turn down your offer for a Coke)! Her heart is fullest when she’s being an image-bearer of the Ultimate Creator with her design and branding work, writing, and music. Her day-to-day is filled with old children’s books, large doses of refrigerator art, life-giving music and the world’s best cuddles from her two favorite little people. She prays that by infusing her messy-but-beautiful nest with worship and creativity, they too will learn to become followers of the King. Passionate to see the online conversation filled with the redemptive work of Jesus, she and her husband document the creative journey of brand building and story crafting at www.FindingEdenMedia.com.