The dank basement was dark and it was one of my least favorite chores to venture into it to either grab something from the freezer or restart the dryer.  Only one thing made it even the least bit more bearable–reciting scripture.  I’d turn the corner to the basement stairs and creep down them all the while muttering, “The Lord is my shepherd,” or variations of, “For God so loved the world.”  They were some of the only scriptures I new at the time, but I knew their power and there was something calming about reciting them aloud when fear threatened to overwhelm.
Armed With Truth Giveaway July

I attended a private school and Bible memory was both expected and graded.  There are differing views on whether or not scripture memory should be a requirement, however I don’t think there is anything negative that can come from scripture memory.  Our brains are incredibly amazing systems, designed by and all-knowing God.  If we can do the legwork of memorizing the scripture, I’m confident that in times of need, God will allow those verses to resurface and aid us.

Armed with Truth makes temporary scripture tattoos to help kids (and moms!!!) {Ok, let’s just be honest–ANYONE could benefit from wearing these tattoos!} commit scripture to memory.  They have ten-packs for sale with topics such as missions, identity, and being Christlike.  They also have an awesome designer series which is more image-based.

AWT Erin Mohring 2

Today we’re excited to offer TWO $15 store credits this month for use at   All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog to enter.  You can comment about anything, but we’d love to hear a scripture that’s special in your life or the life of your boy(s).  Also, please feel free to share this via the web as well as check out the website to drool over all the fabulous designs.

P.s.–these make great stocking stuffers or party favors 😉

**Giveaway closes July 31, 2014 at 11:59 PM**