Erin and I are both so excited to be speaking at the upcoming Declare Conference in Dallas, Texas!
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If you’re going to be there, we would love to see you. Please come introduce yourself and help us get to know you!

Erin’s session, The Profitable, Honorable Affiliate, will break down the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and share how to make it work for your blog and social media channels, all while maintaining your voice and integrity. Find her podcast here.

Brooke’s session, Why Christian Writers Should Keep Writing, will explore answers to these questions: What right do we have to write about the things of God? Who are we that readers should trust our words? Why should our opinions count? Why should people believe what we have to say? And why should we be considered an authority on any subject matter relating to the things of God when we so often get it wrong in our own lives? Find her podcast here.

We can’t wait to see you!