He’s been a bit wiry lately. Whiney. Complaining. A little (or a lot) out of sorts. My patience meter is looking a little worn and tattered right now. I find myself talking more sternly than I ought to. There has been some unexpected drama visit our world as of late, and it only batters down that patience meter even more. I keep remembering the person I want to be this year. The mother. The wife. The friend. And real life has a way of putting you to the test, like now.
I forget that he is mirroring what he sees.

spiderman forever

He sees the mama that has fed, clothed and played with him for three and a half years, the woman who he absolutely adores, and woman he thinks hung the moon… he sees her and he loves her. He craves her attention. That is pretty much all he wants at the end of each feud. Attention. Or a little more time on this or that. Or something sweet before something healthy, of course.

And I fail to see it a little too late. The big picture.

I take a deep breathe because it’s been one of those days and I keep reading on those health blogs that taking deep breaths is actually a way to detox your body. Sounds healthy enough to practice more, right? Detox.

But on a spiritual level, I feel pretty slimy. And gross. And in need of a gentle reminder, that there is a tomorrow. There is another day. And that more than the perfect mom, my kid needs to see a mom that falls hard (even after well-intentioned plans) and picks herself up again, by the grace of God.

That runs head-on into this new challenge her family is facing and takes it with grace, extra love, and guidance from above.

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