What will our boys remember most? The talks or the walks? The stories or the trips? The lessons, the lectures, or life…real life?My boys are pretty much grown now, and when we all get together, it’s the memories of real life that win out.

And how better to make memories together than with feet-on-the-ground service?

You don’t have to go far. In fact, sometimes that makes it even more meaningful. There are those people who minister to us, those we automatically label as the ones who serve. The pastor, for instance, and his family.

It’s easy to see those who minister to us as invincible and strong, and wrongly assume that they don’t necessarily need us. But this mama has a pastor son, and I can tell you, it can be a lonely place to be, fraught with expectations. Helping take a load off those shoulders can be a blessing all around.

So how can you and your boys serve a family that serves so many?

practical tips for serving those who serve

practical tips for serving those who serve

1. Invite them over for dinner. Have them bring the kids. Just spend some time eating and talking and sharing.

2. Offer to take their kids for a day. It’s pretty much a 24/7 job for most pastors, and it’s hard to find time to yourself. Even if their kids are older, take them on a picnic or have them over for Game Night.

3. Take them dinner, or just surprise them with a bunch of cookies. Let the kids help with the baking.

4. Make cards or write thank you letters to the pastor and his wife. You can mail them or deliver them with those cookies.

5. Pray for them. Just pray for them. Add the pastor’s family to your nightly list, and pray with the kids, keeping them in the forefront of your minds.

Feet-on-the-ground service, ministering to those who minister to you. It’s a great way to make memories.

Question: How do you teach your boys to serve? We’d love for you to share ideas with us!

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Mom's Mission Minute at the MOB Society

Mom’s Mission Minute at the MOB Society

Join me in supporting America World Adoption.

America World is near and dear to my heart because they’re working to bring a little girl to the Groves family. This agency is dedicated “to building families according to God’s design of adoption, and providing service that is personal and dependable.” A faith-based organization, America World has an impeccable reputation among families and adoption professionals alike. A number of waiting families I’ve spoken with say they would not adopt with anyone else. Check out their blog to learn more.

If you’d like to follow an America World family, visit Longing for India and read about their journey to that little Groves girl who will make the trip from India to Kentucky. It’s a long process, and my son Jonathan and his wife Kristen are waiting for a match, anxious to see her face. We can rest, though, knowing she was “matched” long ago to their family in the Father’s heart.