Do you have hard-to-handle boys?

The kind that are aggressive, loud, physical, hyper, inattentive, emotional, difficult to fit in a box, amazing, and well, basically 250% boy…and often feel you spend most of your time fighting AGAINST them instead of FOR them.

You’re going to love my new resource, 10 Ways to Step Out of the War and Into the Battle for Your Hard-to-Handle Boy.

How do we stay in the fight for our boys?

10 Ways to Step Out of the War is almost eleven years worth of hard-fought wisdom from a mom of hard-to-handle (H2H) boys who has chosen to fight FOR her sons. That’s me, Brooke McGlothlin. My passion is to take what God’s taught me and give it to you.

Imagine hearing from a mom who’s just a little bit further along in the game than you, who understands what it’s like to have H2H boys (the embarrassment, the exhaustion, the tears, the frustration, the joy, and everything else in-between) who run her ragged, but still capture her heart.

Imagine having direction, someone to teach you the ropes, and help you battle for their hearts and your home.

You can have all this, right now. Start by downloading my newest free resource.

Here’s a Sample:

“I tell people my precious son has a BIG personality, reacting to everything in a BIG way. He’s never happy, he’s ECSTATIC! He’s never sad, he’s DEVASTATED! And while he’s actually an introvert, like me, the thorn in his flesh that I struggle daily to help him overcome is his inability to control his reactions.

He’s a classic reactor. But so am I.

As his mom, it’s my job to help him overcome in this area. He may always struggle. I still do. But even though the Lord has been graciously giving me more and more victory over my own emotions, I realize that in order to help him have victory over his I have to set the example.

Sometimes it seems like we’re in a constant war for control, this boy and me, and something has to change. So I’m stepping out of the war and learning to do battle instead.”

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