This month we focused on The Sweetest Gifts we’ve received. It was fun to read what gifts are meaningful to our team:

Wendy taught us about the Gift of Love.

My husband and I decided together that each one of us would get a single special gift, and a special book, and something new to wear. And as a family we would give something purposeful and generous to another family in need. Something to get, something to share, something to read, something to wear. Those boundaries were put in place to limit our focus on presents, that we might focus in on His Presence.

Jenny shared how her family learned Hard Times Make Meaningful Gifts:

In the hard times, we are choosing to see God’s plan of a “not so perfect” celebration to be exactly what He wanted and everything we needed this year.

Monica shared about being Uninvited to Christmas.

Christmas may look different than how I had imagined it being, but it looks like exactly how I think the Lord wants it to look.

Jamie wanted us to know The Sweetest Gifts Are from the Heart of the Giver:

I find that the sweetest gifts are those that come from a place of love. It really has nothing to do with the gift itself, but the heart of the giver.

Monica reminded us Giving Is the Sweetest Gift:

We know that the sweetest gift is found in giving gifts to those who really needed them.

Amy Ruth shared the beauty in The Sweetest Gift You Can Ever Receive from Your Son:

But probably, the sweetest gift my son can offer me is a relationship. This gift comes with years and years of intentional efforts building layers of value, trust, truth, laughter, and respect.

Michelle reminded us there are Unexpected Gifts from the Trials We Endure:

The sacred gifts are in the unfair, the no, the waiting, in the scarcity, the broken. The unexpected gifts are the ones we don’t even know how to dare to dream for ourselves. The ones we limit Him to our short sights and simple plans.

I hope you take time during this last week of 2016 to praise God for the sweetest gifts you’ve received!