Truth in the Tinsel is a perfect, hands-on way to teach your children about the true meaning of Christmas.

In this week’s MOB Live, we talk to Truth in the Tinsel creator, Amanda White, about this amazing way to help your family focus on Christ during Christmas!

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Biggest Takeaways:

“Renewing your mind is about being in God’s Word each day.”

“Christmas is the best time to talk to your kids about Jesus because this season is already so memorable for them!”

“Kids meditate on God’s Word through what they do. They play, craft, color—they use their hands.”

Don’t Miss This:

Brooke and Erin chat about Erin’s marathon in California and how much the message of the “Fearless Because He Is Faithful” shirt in our Christian Mom Shop encouraged Erin.

With 29 minutes left, Amanda White joins Brooke and Erin.

With 27 minutes left, Amanda shares how she came up with the concept for Truth in the Tinsel after starting with similar ideas and activities when her daughter was two years old.

With 22 minutes left, Erin asks Amanda how to make this season more about Christ than all the extra stuff.

With 18:20 left, Amanda talks about what Truth in the Tinsel includes.

With 15 minutes left, they talk about the ideal age to go through Truth in the Tinsel.

With 10:30 left, Amanda reminds us making lots of pretty ornaments isn’t the point, getting our kids in the Word is the point.

With 7:30 left, Amanda points out that going through the book is training you to ask how you can fit God’s Word into your day.

With 7 minutes left, Erin asks Amanda if it’s too late to get started with Truth in the Tinsel this year. She says it’s never too late (or too early) to talk to your kid about Jesus.

With 4:10 left, Amanda also mentions the giant printable Christmas trees specifically for the ornament coloring pages.

Amanda, Erin, and Brooke wrap up their time together by reminding us what’s most important.

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