I’m absolutely convinced that the only way to be victorious over the weariness motherhood naturally brings is to spend intentional time in the Word of God.

Yes, I know you’ve heard that before…and maybe you’ve tried spending time in your Bible every day with little to show for it.

Maybe, like me, you’ve read a passage of the Bible and thought, “I just don’t know how this applies to my life right now.”

Or maybe, when you’re in the thick of tantrums, food battles, raging hormones, or new driver’s licenses you’ve just struggled to be in a place where you can even feel close to God, much less understand his word.

If there’s one thing I know about you, mama, it’s that you need hope.

You need it like you need air to breathe, but if you can’t open God’s word and find it within 30 seconds, it’s going to be hard to come by.

What you really need is a resource designed just for you…something that will help God’s truth intersect with the daily reality of a weary mom’s life. Something that will get you in the word of God regularly, but in a way that makes sense to you and meets you smack in the mess of your own motherhood place.

If you’re in the mood for resolutions, why not try this one on for size?

Join with other moms like you in a 40-day pledge to be in God’s Word as you start 2016.

We’re calling it, Start with Hope, and we want you to be a part of it.

Pledge now to spend the first 40 days of your 2016 digging in to the Word of God and see if it doesn’t change the shape and mold of your entire year!

To help you, Stacey Thacker and I have put together a brand new 40-Day Devotional. It’s really a journey toward the hope-filled life, and we promise that it will help you see how God’s Word, the Bible, applies to your life, right where you are, right now.

Stacey and I handpicked 40 truths from God’s Word that have been the most important to us as we’ve journeyed from weariness to hope in our own lives.

They’re quick enough to read over coffee in the morning, during naptime, in the carpool line, or just before bed…but they’re meaty enough to set a pattern for joy and hope that will last a lifetime.

God can give you daily victory over weariness. But you have to choose it.

Start now by choosing to be a part of this movement to get moms into God’s Word…the ONLY true source of hope.

To Join:

  1. Purchase your copy of the new Hope for the Weary Mom 40-Day Devotional, here. It’s the main resource we’ll use as we go through the pledge. It’s specifically designed to meet you right in the midst of your messy motherhood places, and it’s what you’ll be using as the jumping off place to get you in God’s Word during the pledge. We recommend getting an e-version of the book for the purposes of this challenge, so you can get started right away.
  2. Click here and enter your email address in the box. Then click “subscribe.” Don’t forget this part as it’s the only way we have to communicate with everyone and make sure you get all the details you need for the pledge!
  3. Follow any verification directions that may come to your email.
  4. Watch for a “Welcome to the Pledge” email that will contain directions on how to join the FREE private Facebook group where you’ll receive encouragement and accountability throughout the 40 day pledge.
  5. That’s it!

We’re so excited about the possible implications of this journey together, friends! I simply can’t think of a better way to start 2016 than with a group of friends who understand me, and are committed to helping me stay in God’s Word! See you there!

Note: We’re starting right away, on January 1st, but you can join us in the pledge any time. There’s no bad time to start reading the Bible on a daily basis!

Here we go!


Brooke McGlothlin is co-founder and President of Raising Boys Ministries, author of Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most, co-author of Hope for the Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in the Mess, and creator of the Fight Like a BoyMom Program. She’s a mother of two boys who believes God has chosen her to fight for the hearts of her sons. She can be found most often on her knees in prayer, not because she’s so holy, but because God is. Not because she knows how to raise godly men, but because she believes in the God who loves them more than she does.