Raising boys to become godly men is a significant calling, and while parenting sons can definitely bring rewards and blessings — it can also drop a BoyMom to the couch in exhaustion and to her knees in prayer. Here at The MOB Society we’re committed to equipping and encouraging parents in the midst of that journey while we collectively learn to delight in the chaos of raising boys! 

And today, we’re excited to invite you to join us during the month of January for our first guest post month of 2016! For this round, we’ve invited a small group of incredible writers to link arms with us and share what God has been teaching them in their BoyRaising journey. After reading the articles they sent back to us, we are confident these words will fly off your screen and directly into your heart to bless you and give you insight!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics we’ll cover over the next few weeks through their unique stories and fresh perspectives: 

  • How you can raise godly sons regardless of circumstances…even when Dad isn’t up for it
  • How you can “live-by-example” in 5 practical ways that will help your sons draw close to God
  • Where to find hope when your son seems to have a hard heart
  • How to look at God’s promises and trust Jesus when your son is a prodigal
  • How to let your son grow in maturity and faith by walking alongside him
  • How to find camaraderie and wisdom for the BoyRaising journey when you feel like a failure
  • …and more!

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