“Mini me” is a phrase people used to use when describing my son. We have a lot of similarities. We love to read. We have a cowlick in the same spot. We’re both allergic to corn. And we’d both rather spend a day at the beach than anywhere else.

But recently he’s become less of a “mini me” and more himself, and watching him develop his own interests is the best part of being a boy mom in this preteen season!

The Best of Being a Boy Mom: Seeing Him Develop His Own Interests - The MOB Society

My husband and I are huge sports fans. If the TV is on, it’s probably on ESPN. And on the weekends during football season—don’t even think about changing the channel. But our son David doesn’t like sports at all. He can’t even remember if we cheer for NC State or UNC (it’s NC State, for the record).

What he loves is theater! He’s gone to drama camp, taken classes, and will preform in his tenth play next weekend. We thought we would be cheering for our son on from the bleachers each weekend, but instead we’re reminding him to grab his script as we run out the door for rehearsal. I’m a stage mom instead of a snack mom. But he loves it, and we’re so proud of him for doing what he loves. In fact, my husband has started auditioning for plays with him so they can spend more time together. He’s a former high school basketball coach turned actor.

David turns twelve this year and heads to middle school, and it’s been so fun to have a front row seat to watch him developing into his own person. Being a boy mom isn’t exactly how I pictured it when he was a baby and we dressed him up in red and black and set him on the couch between us to watch football and basketball, but it’s even more fun to learn about his passions and interests along with him.

How is your son developing his own interests as he grows? What has surprised you?