As a writer, you’d think I’d always have the words to say, especially when it comes to praying for my boys. Most days I am blessed with an overflow of words, but there are days when the need is so great or runs so deep that I am left speechless.

Days when it hits me afresh that my boys need a Savior.

Days when I’m reminded of how their little hearts need cleansing.

Days when I weep, thinking how one day they’ll walk through this life without me … But then God whispers: They’ll have Me, if they’ll just ask.

I cry out the words of I John, asking for that “no greater joy” than hearing my children walk in truth.

But on days when I have no words, I’m reminded even Jesus prayed Scripture during times of deep trial and need.

When my spirit is overwhelmed, when I fear for my children’s salvation, I’m reminded how the Spirit speaks when we can’t find the words to say, or pray.

When our lips falter and our words fall silent, speak the Scriptures, which never fail.

After all, the Spirit moved the Holy Men to write these very words. So the words of Scripture are filled with God’s Power, ready to use in times of need.

In our family’s current stage of life, my deep longing is for my boys to understand their need for a Savior. To find salvation in Christ’s death and resurrection.

If I could pray a prayer that in itself would give my children salvation, I would. I know you must know my heart on this, mamas! But salvation is a personal decision, so I pray for my boys to have open hearts, guidance, and for the Holy Spirit’s work in my boys’ lives.

After reading through Amanda White’s free ebook, Praying God’s Word For Your Kids,

I had new insights into how to pray for my boy’s salvation. And now I am praying these verses over them:

For me to lift up the Son of man that they might believe, I pray John 3:14.

For them to believe and have eternal life, I pray the familiar John 3:16.

That I might be a testimony, and daily offer them a drink of the Living Water, I pray Matthew 10:42.

But mostly I pray Romans 10:9, that my children will confess the Lord Jesus and believe in their hearts that God raised him from the dead.

When you don’t know what to say, when the tasks of both parenting and spiritual shepherding threaten to overwhelm your soul… Just pray scripture over your children. Claim God’s own words on their lives, and watch Him perform the doing of it.


When our cries to Him come out as whispers, He gives us Scriptures.

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