The word on the street is true…

The MOB Society is becoming Million Praying Moms.

The week before Mother’s Day 2019, we will officially launch this new movement for praying moms.

We believe prayer should be the first and best response to the challenges of parenting, and that You, my friend, are one in a million.

Uniquely created by God for His purpose AND part of something much bigger than you could ever be alone.

We’ll be unveiling all the working parts and pieces of this new movement between now and Mother’s Day (and please don’t worry…the things you love best about The MOB Society are STAYING. We aren’t going to stop helping you raise godly men…more on that later).

But for now…

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Serving Together,
Brooke and Erin

P.S. Somebody already asked if there’s a Million Praying Moms (MPM) t-shirt. THERE IS! Here’s a picture of Brooke wearing the navy shirt…but it also comes in gray!

Grab yours here, snap a selfie, and then post it on social media to help spread the word! Be sure to use the hashtag #millionprayingmoms so we can find you!