For years, instead of choosing ONLY a word for the new year, The MOB Society has led the way in helping families choose a VERSE to PRAY for your family.

Listen now as MOB co-founders, Brooke McGlothlin (author of Praying for Boys) and Home with the Boys (Erin Mohring) talk about the importance of this process for your family!

Biggest Takeaways:

“Some women are emotionally and spiritually prepared for motherhood, but I was not! It sent me into a spiritual wilderness that I now see was one of God’s greatest gifts for me.” -Brooke

“As I searched Scripture for verses to pray for my boys, I began to understand Scripture better. My view of God expanded.” -Brooke

“God puts us in seasons that make us depend on Him. And that’s good!” -Erin

Don’t Miss This:

With 27:30 left, Erin prays for our time together today.

With 25:30 left, Brooke shares the changes coming to our MOB Live time each week.

With 19 minutes left, Erin talks about choosing a word as the theme for the new year and shares what her word of 2018 is.

With 17 minutes left, Brooke shares what she does instead of choosing a word of the year—she chooses a verse to pray for her family.

With 13 minutes left, Brooke shares the verses that inspired her to start praying Scripture for her boys.

With 10 minutes left, Erin asks Brooke specifically why she picks a verse instead of a word.

With 8 minutes left, Erin asks Brooke how her boys are involved in this process.

With 3:45 left, Brooke talks about how you can sign up to learn her process for finding a verse for the year.

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