For many of us, the holiday season can become a blur as we find ourselves caught between items on our to-do list, events at school and church, shopping and wrapping — not to mention the cleaning, baking, and decorating before the in-laws come for a visit! If we’re not careful, the busyness of the season can drown out opportunities to center our hearts and homes on Jesus and the message of love and forgiveness that His birth brings.

By carving out white space on the calendar and quiet moments within the walls of our houses, we invite valuable time for reflection, open doors for service to others, and create moments of deeper connection with our Savior, Jesus Christ!

This month, our incredible team of BoyMom writers are offering a series of articles that will give us insight and practical examples of what these kinds of Christ-centered holiday traditions can look like! They are inviting you into their homes as they showcase some of their personal, family traditions and the lessons they’ve learned over the years! From creative resources and ways to celebrate Advent, to out-of-the-box ideas for keeping Christmas Eve and Christmas Day simple and focused on Jesus’ birth, to preparations for the new year — we’ve got you covered!

Together, we’ll explore topics like:

  • How to let go of a picture-perfect Advent celebration in favor of rest and balance
  • How to create a simple family celebration on Christmas Eve right in your home
  • How a traditional Christmas song can hold a deeper meaning for your family
  • How to connect your sons to acts of service and giving in a commercialized culture
  • How holiday traditions shift in situations of divorce and how to make the most of them
  • How to start helping your little guys see Jesus as the reason why we celebrate Christmas
  • How to create new memories when your childhood traditions don’t resonate with your boys
  • How to craft an intentional plan as a family for growth in the new year
  • …and more!

We know this month will ignite some creative ideas you can implement in your own homes for many years to come. And we hope you’ll join us in letting go of how our culture says we celebrate Christmas in favor of how God directs our unique family celebrations based on season and circumstance.

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