Did you know “back in the day” Christmas trees went up Christmas Eve night?


I’m pretty sure I saw trees for sale back in October.

The purpose of this post isn’t a commentary on the consumerism, over-the-top celebrating, or ridiculous pace of the holiday season. We can’t change culture overnight. We can change our personal choices.

We’re a couple weeks into December. How many of those daily Advent devotions have you studied with your crew while sipping hot chocolate? My guess is about three.

‘Cause even the good, Christ-centered options this season can rob our joy and crush our spirits. Constantly falling below our ideal expectations isn’t, I believe, what God intended when He sent Christ to earth. He came to free us, not to enslave us with rituals.

So I’m hoping to narrow in the celebrating. Bring it back to the basics. Decrease your stress and increase your worship.

The goal of Christmas isn’t guilt, but
celebrating the gift of eternal life.

One of our favorite parts of Christmas is a fabulous Christmas Eve service. The carols, the Christmas story, Scriptures and, of course, lighting little white candles to the tune of “Silent Night.”

Maybe you’re in the season of young kiddos, or you aren’t part of a church community that offers a Christmas Eve Service. Just for you, I’ve put together a little “service” (adapted and shortened from what I found here) you can do at home with your crew.

All you need is a Bible, your iPhone (links to songs and Scriptures below) and some candles (maybe some props if your kiddos decide to act out the Christmas Story).

Who knows? This could be the one thing they remember from the whole season!

For the very little ones (under age 5) I would sing “Away in the Manger,” read the Christmas story in a children’s Bible, then finish with “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night” by candlelight (my favorite part).

May you enjoy precious memories with your loved ones this Christmas. May you prepare room in your heart and bend your schedules to worship the King. May you see all the gifts God has given you, even when it seems you are running on empty.


Reading List

YouTube Videos

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Away in the Manger

The First Noel

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

O Come Let Us Adore Him

We Three Kings

Joy to the World

Silent Night


Spotify Playlist