Today, I thought I would share with you an email I wrote to my mom recently.


Hey you,

I was just taking an easy morning preparing for work later and just thinking about you. 

I just wanted to let you know, that in complete honesty I can’t say I’ve seen someone live out better their love for God, stronger, humbler or more passionately than you. 

I know that your passion and love for Jesus has and will continue to change the world and be the reason millions come to Jesus. 

I was so lucky to have had such an amazing example and picture of someone who is sold out for his kingdom. 

Because you lived your life in such a beautiful pursuit of him, it has enabled me to live fully the story God has for me to tell. 

By your faithful example I love Jesus with all my heart and want to change the world, all because you made a choice to make everything you do come from your love of God.

I sure do love you you today, just thought I’d let you know how blessed I feel to have had you in my life.




My Mom Instilled a Love for Jesus

When I decided to write my mom this short letter expressing my appreciation for her, I was in the midst of having a small quiet time alone with Jesus.

I, (a grown man) sat inside of my apartment thinking about all the blessings I had, and how amazing it was I could know my creator the way I did.

But then it dawned on me. I suddenly realized why I knew God the way I did.

I mentally walked back through my life to boyhood and like a flash back in a movie I saw again my mother loving God.

I remember hearing the passion in which she spoke of the dreams God had given her, and the excitement as she shared stories from the bible with us.

I remember catching her early in the morning praying in her room, and seeing her actively thinking of ways to serve the ones around her she loved.

I remember the faith she prayed with when money had run out, and the patience and grace she treated me with when I came home with a third speeding ticket.

And most of all I remember seeing the love in her eyes when she spoke about her savior Jesus.

I’m sure it can be easy to get caught up in trying to know what to teach us, or how to discipline our behavior, or which things to say to train us the way we should be raised.

Perhaps even at the expense of your own quiet times, prayer and relationship with Jesus.

But maybe sometimes the best way to instill in the hearts of those you are raising a love for God is to simply model it.

I truly believe that had my mother not loved and dedicated her life God to the extent she did, I would not love God or dedicated my life to Him to the extent I have.

Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel always, and if necessaryuse words.”

So, I challenge you today: take Jesus’ invitation and know Him better on a personal level.

Allow yourself as an individual to get caught up in His love and I promise we will be watching and learning how to love Him better because of you.

 ~Nathan Clarkson