Hey MOB Society mamas!

This is Julie from Happy Home Fairy.  I love sharing fun and simple ways to celebrate Jesus with our kiddos.

It’s that time of year where my boys’ teachers are sending out notices for each of them to bring in Valentines for all of their classmates.

I can’t think of a better opportunity to encourage my boys to share God’s love with their friends!

To make it simple, I created a sweet little inspirational FREE Printable Valentine to include with a bag of gummy bears. *I got the gummy bear packages in this picture from Whole Foods—but you can also find them at Target stores.

Christ-Centered Valentine for Preschoolers - FREE Printable!

All my boys have to do is sign their names on the card and deliver.

Another way to use this printable is to surprise your boys on Valentine’s Day morning by placing the card in front of a small stuffed teddy bear. Put the bear somewhere special on their breakfast plate or sitting on top of the toilet seat lid where they are sure to find it first thing! 😉

I also thought it could be fun to pass these Valentines out as acts of kindness to neighbors or pastors or even the grocery store cashier.

However you use it, I pray you have fun sharing God’s love with your boys!

Click HERE for your FREE Printable Christ-Centered Valentine!



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