This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Wise King Media, but we only share products and resources we have used with our own families. All opinions are 100% my own.

We hop in the minivan around 7:40am daily for the drive to school. This year, we have boys in fifth grade, third grade, and a four-year-old at home with me. As I pull out of the driveway, I double check that everyone has everything they need for the day: backpack – check, homework – check, lunch – check, water bottle – check. We all get settled and then I ask for prayer requests as I drive. They share, we pray, and then we have several minutes before we arrive at school. Sometimes we listen to music or play a game, but the boys have a new favorite way to fill that time between prayers and school drop-off.

The world of audiobooks is still fairly new to us, but I can safely say we started off right with the Jonathan Park series from Wise King Media! Before we even started listening, the fun packaging had already drawn them in, with promises of great adventure and excitement. Once the story began to unfold over the speakers in the van, I knew it was the perfect fit for our boys. They haven’t wanted to stop listening since!


If you haven’t heard of Jonathan Park yet, let me fill you in: Jonathan and his paleontologist father are off on an adventure when a storm forces them to hide in a cave that just happens to be on the Brennan family land. The two families are soon bound by faith, adversity, and dinosaur bones!

The story, the characters, the sound effects – all of it drew my boys in right away! Every episode includes lots of action, but also covers real-life issues such as bullying, family financial problems, and more. Most importantly, every episode centers around faith. Characters pray, bible verses are referenced, and even the discussions about dinosaurs always lead back to our Creator.


The whole Jonathan Park series is designed to teach about the scientific evidence for creation – how cool is that?! As a former teacher, my favorite lessons are the ones my kids learn when they don’t even know they are learning! Another goal of Jonathan Park is to help our kids learn to defend their faith with boldness. They hear facts and Scripture that prepare them to give a defense for their faith, which is increasingly important in the world in which our children our growing up.

Our family is also loving these faith-based audio adventures because our eight-year-old gets carsick when he tries to read in the car. He hates that he can’t read while on the road, but audiobooks are a great entertainment alternative we all can enjoy. You can listen to them anywhere – in the car, while the kids color or draw, during lunch, or anytime you want!

The Jonathan Park series is ideal for “tweens” (ages 7-13), but family members of all ages will be entertained, grow in their faith, and learn along with the stories. There is so much to love about Jonathan Park and we want your family to experience it, as well! Check out this trailer:

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We can’t wait to hear how Jonathan Park blesses your family! If your family already loves Jonathan Park, make sure you tell us why in the comments!