As Queen of All The Laundry in your home how many “team” shirts have you washed over the years for your loyal subjects…I mean, sweet boys? 

Between all the athletic-wear, the extracurricular t-shirts for every club and activity under the sun (thank you, Spanish Club, Math Club, and Chess Club), the school pride shirts, the color-coordinating shirts you bought for the last family photo shoot, and the proverbial wear-this-to-the-class-field-trip-so-we-don’t-get-separated shirt…let’s face it — you’ve washed more shirts than you probably care to count!

Our boys get so many awesome opportunities to showcase the teams, groups, and communities they are part of and now…it’s our turn, BoyMoms!

Announcing Our Limited Edition MOB Society T-Shirt

Introducing the first, limited edition t-shirt for Mothers of Boys from The MOB Society!
*insert heart eye emoji here*

That’s right! We’ve designed this limited edition shirt to give our growing, vibrant community a way to showcase their BoyMom status proudly! With over 175,000 moms of boys in our Facebook community alone, we felt it was the right time to offer a shirt that lets us find each other and share the message and ministry of The MOB Society with other BoyMoms who might not know about us yet! As an added bonus, all the proceeds from this beautiful t-shirt will go directly back into funding the work of Raising Boys Ministries!

The shirt is available for an extremely limited time — only 6 more days!

You can purchase yours for only 19.95 (plus shipping) in one of the gorgeous colors below — Heathered Charcoal, Heathered Pink Raspberry, or New Navy!

MOB Society T-Shirt Options

MOB Society T-Shirt Options

We know you’re going to love this shirt as much as we do — go ahead and click here to purchase your shirt today! And be sure to share this awesome campaign with your other BoyMom friends and family via social media by using the links below!

For Twitter:

“I’m a proud member of the #mobsociety, for mothers of boys, & I ordered the t-shirt to prove it. Get yours! #boymoms

For Facebook:

“I’m a proud member of the @The MOB Society, for mothers of boys, & I ordered the t-shirt to prove it. Get yours! #boymoms”


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Note: There is a measurement chart on the sales page for the t-shirts if you need help knowing what size to order!