While it’s always nice to relax with a Bible, devotional or book in had, while sipping a bit of something hot, it’s not always realistic or physically possible. Thankfully, these days all you need is a smartphone and you can get encouragement and inspiration, wherever you are!

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Below are my 5 devotional apps for 2014:

Jesus Calling: I was gifted this devotional a couple of years ago and fell in love with the simplicity of the daily devotions.  Our boys also follow the Jesus Calling for Kids and read it as their nightly devotional. I was so excited to see that there was a “Jesus Calling” app. We are sometimes on-the-go and while at Taekwondo practice, I love to be able to get in a little reading or devotional time.  The full version of the app is $9.99 and is available on Android and Itunes.

Focus on the Family has a number of wonderful apps available for the whole family!  The Daily Broadcast from Focus on the Family provides a daily dose of advice and encouragement, centered on the family.  They also have a Odyssey Adventure Club App for children that streams over 700 Adventures in Odyssey episode. The “Make Every Day Count” App is a great conversation starter for dinner time conversation. It offers an easy way to engage and build relationships with your children. The app contains a variety of interesting topics and questions to keep the conversation going, and can be personalized based on age and gender so you know that the questions are appropriate and relevant for your child.

Good Morning Lord, a devotional app based on Sheila Walsh’s book, is worth the cost in my book. The full version is $9.99, it’s not an incredibly thought provoking study or devotionals but they are enough to fill your spiritual cup in the morning or for a mid-day refill.  Good morning Lord, touches on many Chrsitian topics, whether facing day-to-day frustrations or long-term struggles with fear or insecurity, Sheila Walsh takes women by the hand and helps build unbridled trust in The One who gives hope, healing, peace, and redemption. Each entry starts with a devotion geared toward real life situations that women often face, and ends with questions for thought and space for journaling personal reflections. The invitation is to journey through lessons that women can use immediately to establish a deep, life-altering trust in the Father. Not to mention the app is beautiful!  Unavailable for Android.

Good morning Lord

Billy Graham offers an app with a new Billy Graham Devotion every day in an easy-to-read format. Watch and share classic TV specials and sermons. Listen to the latest radio programs including the weekly Hour of Decision featuring inspiring messages from Billy Graham and Franklin Graham – plus classic crusades and a live stream of 106.9 The Light. The app also has spiritual help and evangelism tools to help you share Christ with others.

KJV Bible Audiobook.  Sometimes one can take in the bible much better audibly, I love to cook and listen to the bible or listen to talk radio for the same reason. This app contains an audio version of the entire King James Version Bible, it is also a very large app and will take up a chunk of space on your phone. The app also contains a daily reading list, maps, geography, daily Bible history, bookmarks, notes, daily and reference to other Bible Translations

Just like searching on Google, searching through the many devotional apps in the app store will surely land you the perfect app to keep your spiritual tank from running dry. Along with the kids games, to do lists and overflowing calendar, make sure to add a good dose of encouragement and “spiritual fuel” on your phone for those busy days in 2014!